B2C marketplace curating Organic, Natural and Healthcare products from Businesses with purposes aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

What makes us Unique?

We are a company that applies the 4P’s approach


How environmentally responsible a company is.


How socially responsible a company is in terms of its processes and operations.


Economic Value created by the company from its processes /businesses.


Putting your beliefs into actions that is socially beneficial for our earth

While other B2C companies focus merely on their profits, we are a company that also focuses on sustainable environmental practices and social responsibility in addition to profits. Some companies do try to incorporate social responsibility to their work as well, but we take a step further by educating our customers on ways they can contribute to social good while they shop. In doing so, its progressive towards why we started on the path to educate and pursue sustainable practices.


GoNatuur’s Core Values

100% Certified Organic & Natural Products

Over 10,000 natural and organic sustainably produced goods ranging from lifestyle to healthcare focused products.

Animal Cruelty-Free

Our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and we do not condone animal testing.

Social & Environmental Impact

By creating a supply chain with an inclusive circular economy impact through sustainability, fair-trade, social & environmental benefits become default by-products.

Sustainability Reports

We constantly generate transparent sustainability reports & metrics to ensure the creation of measurable sustainability impacts. We do the due diligence to ensure that all 372 and growing brands adhere to the 17 UN SDGs.

Inspired Vegan Driven Lifestyle Platform

Our platform carries vegan-certified brands that align with the United Nations Climate Change 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17 SDGs).

Educating Consumers

We enable customers to make informed decisions when purchasing to minimise their ecological footprint. Fairtrade and sustainability education are the keys to building trust.

Where Your Money Goes

Other than maintaining your health, you are also supporting our campaigns which involve: investing in new products improvements through R&D and educating employees & partners about the process of creating sustainable products and packaging.

Variety of goods

You have a variety of goods to choose from and satisfy your daily needs with ease while helping in saving the planet!