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What are Impact Points?

At GoNatuur, we aim to be a sustainable social commerce marketplace that exclusively sells certified, organic health and wellness lifestyle products that align with the 17 UN SDGs. This facilitates ease of purchase and minimize unnecessary waste production.

In line with our principle above, we have an Impact Points system which strives to build a self-sustained ecosystem between its registered users and GoNatuur itself.

How to earn Impact Points?

Registered users can earn Impact Points simply by interacting with the GoNatuur website through the following methods:

1. By shopping with GoNatuur

Registered users will earn Impact Points for every purchase made within the GoNatuur website. The amount of Impact Points to be earned for each product is listed on its respective product page, below the product price.

Please refer to the table below on the rate of conversion between each currency and the Impact Points earned.

2. By sharing GoNatuur content

Registered users can also earn Impact Points simply by sharing the GoNatuur website and any content within it on their social media platform. For every link shared by a registered user, 10 Impact Points will be rewarded.

3. By registering with GoNatuur

To recognize our registered users and their commitment to the 17 UN SDG, all new users will earn 10 Impact Points upon successful registration.

Impact Points can be redeemed for (i) discounts on your next purchase; (ii) selected products; (iii) free shipping on your next purchase; or (iv) donation to a charity of your choice.

Please refer to our Reward Center page for a full selection of how your Impact Points may be used.

Country Currency Currency: Impact Points (“IP”)
United States United States Dollar (USD) 1 USD : 10 IP
Singapore Singapore Dollar (SGD) 1 SGD : 8 IP
European Union Euro (EUR) 1 EUR : 12 IP
China Chinese Yuan (RMB) 7 RMB : 10 IP
Hong Kong Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) 8 HKD : 10 IP
Taiwan New Taiwan Dollar (TWD) 30 TWD : 10 IP
United Arab Emirates UAE Dirham (AED) 3 AED : 10 IP
United Kingdom Sterling Pounds (GBP) 1 GBP: 13 IP
Australia Australian Dollar (AUD) 2 AUD : 13 IP