CHADO Mascara Divin Brun 230 (Divine Brown Mascara)


The perfect mascara for a divine look

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Mascara with an innovative formula which separates, defines and curls the lashes by coating them one by one. It envelops the lashes without weighing down and protects from dryness. Its creamy texture combined with a thin curved brush makes for an easy, even and precise application.

This mascara lengthens the eyelashes giving them an intense colour without leaving any residue.

The perfect mascara for a divine look all day long!


  1. Gelifying agents associated to a wax complex to bring volume to the eyelashes
  2. Highly efficient polysaccharide, extracted from Larch, which creates a protective barrier around the lashes. The protective film enhances hydration and keeps makeup long lasting.
  3. Emulsifiers complex which mixes perfectly with pigments to provide an intense color
  4. PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica: patented liposomal preparation of stem cells from a rare Swiss apple species, Uttwiler Spätlauber, that are rich with epigenetic and metabolic factors which improve skin cells longevity.

Paraben free

TEA free

Usage Method:

For maximum effect, start at the lashline and work your way up your lashes in a zigzag motion. You may apply several layers of coating for a more dramatic effect. For optimal result, use the specific CHADO Eyelash Curler before mascara application.

For a thicker effect of your upper eyelashes, drop off the POUDRE VELOURS into the upper lining of the eye.

For even more volume, apply LE SOIN PYJAMA before the mascara, as a makeup base (no drying time). To hydrate and protect further your eyelashes from pollution, apply first SERUM INFUSION THERMALE (observe a minimum of 2 minutes drying time between the two applications).

Chado is the first Swiss make-up/care brand. It was conceptualised in Geneva, where its creator, Sylvia ROSSEL, was born and lives today.

She leaves for New-York right after her hotel school and opens one of the first champagne bar. She then gets into cosmetics and develops several brands in the US market and the most beautiful places internationally. She comes back in Switzerland in 2008 to take on new challenges.

She loves Life’s beauties and enjoys discovering the world, always on the lookout for new ideas. But it is in Geneva that her best inspiration matures… Active mom and modern woman, her sight sets on to the eyebrow, which frames the look, gives balance to the face but is neglected, or, worse, mis-treated. She wants to offer a high-end, simple, natural solution. The concept grows!

She elaborates the concept and defines the brand’s philosophy.

Chado’s quest for simplicity and authenticity has led it to the most common fruit (in appearance): the apple. Eating fruits is healthy, we know it. The apple which accompanies the kid to school, invigorates the sportswoman after the action, quenches the thirst after the spa, appeases the need for snack of the active woman. The apple is the most obvious expression of health.

Looking into the benefits of the apple, we discovered one, particular, extraordinary: the Uttwiler Spätlauber. This ancient Swiss species, very rare, almost extinct, is known for its exceptional preservation ability. It can age without wrinkles nor loss of taste for months!

It contains rare substances and stem cells whose life cycles are particularly long. These active ingredients increase the vitality and the longevity of epidermal stem cells, slowing down their ageing. Contrary to human stem cells, almost every single plant stem cell can give birth to a whole new plant.

The PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica is born from this marvelous apple. It is an active liposomal substance based on stem cells from this wonderful species. Thanks to a new bio-technology, scientists have been able to create and cultivate these plant stem cells.

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