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Organically grown Green Tea

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A harmonious blend of tastes, Cixin Organic Green Tea is grown in a green highland, has a refreshing, cool fragrance, leaving a lingering bitter aftertaste pleasant to the senses.  Rich in antioxidants, the tea gets better as time passes and is suitable for long-term storage. The tea can be prepared with both hot and cold water, making it a good drink for all seasons! Tip: to get a less bitter taste, you may steep 1 teaspoon of leaves in 150ml of hot water instead of boiling water for 5-6 minutes to avoid bringing out the bitterness in the leaves. The water temperature should be 70-80 degrees Celsius.

The tea cultivation process does not include pesticides or chemical fertilisers. A huge hit amongst the healthy conscious, this green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. These benefits include improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer, and many other impressive benefits!

Founded previously by an ex-convict who was a drug lord but now determined to turn over a new leaf, he helps to transform the rest of the convicts to a more healthier and sustainable lifestyle.
Ci-Xin Organic Agriculture Foundation helps different farmers and tea companies harness resources from the government, NGOs, scholars, consumers and retail channels. The Green Conservation is a project that certifies producers who practice environmentally friendly agriculture that preserve priority species and restore their natural habitats through technical aid for farmers who are transitioning from conventional to organic agriculture. Farms that meet the Green Conservation standards receive the certified seal of approval. These standards help protect ecosystems and ensure sustainable livelihoods for farming communities.


Organically produced

Tea leaves without pesticides

Contains appropriate amounts of caffeine that acts a stimulant to keep one awake and concentrated throughout the day, hence feeling less fatigued

Block fat absorption in cells, hence contributing to weight loss

Lowers blood cholesterol, as well as the reduced risk of heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure

Antioxidants help fight attacks from free radicals, hence slowing ageing process and reducing allergic reactions such as eczema

Antioxidants also help to relieve cold and flu symptoms, hence enhancing the body’s immune system

Reduces the risk of cancer as polyphenols decrease the rate of cancer cell mutations

Suitable for people with type-2 diabetes as it effectively controls for blood sugar spike

Detoxifies and aids digestion due to its diuretic properties

Results may vary due to differences in diet and lifestyle.

Usage and Advice

Scoop about 10g of tea leaves and pour 300-400 cc of hot or cold water. Boil water to 95ºC if you are preparing it in hot water. Let it steep for about 1 minute and drain off the tea leaves (optional). If you prefer a milder tea then reduce the steeping time.


Do not drink the tea if you have low blood pressure (hypotension) and diarrhoea

Pregnant women are advised to drink with moderation. Please check with your family physician or your healthcare provider. Please also consult a licenced doctor if you have any special allergies

Storage: Keep the product in a cool and dry place, away from high temperature, humidity or direct sunlight. Seal it back tightly after opening and finish consumption as soon as possible.

Shelf-life: 2 years (unopened)

Founded in Taiwan in 1997, Ci-Xin Organic Co-op is a non-profit organization committed to restore the environment while improving livelihoods and human well-being through the principles of organic agriculture in partnership with governments, businesses, communities, and individuals.

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