Amour Garden Moisturizing Conditioning Cream


Amour Garden Moisturizing Conditioning Cream

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Moisturizing Conditioning Cream made just for your pets.

Use this organic and safe moisturizing conditioning cream to alleviate any dry skin problems your pets might have. Achieve healthier skin within days of usage. It makes taking care of pets much easier!

Place of Origin: Taiwan



Alleviate your pet’s dry skin problems

Easy and simple to use

Usage and Advice

Target users: all pets

How to use: After the pet has finished bathing, completely dry the fur, take an appropriate amount of moisturizing and conditioning cream and apply it to the body fur with both hands. It can also be used on the face. If there is a damaged part of the skin, you can apply an appropriate amount of this product in the morning and evening to strengthen the damaged part of the skin alone, which will slowly alleviate the skin problems

Note: This product is edible grade, it is safe and worry-free for pet usage. When using the product, please keep your hands dry, do not let the product touch water directly, so that it does not deteriorate and become damaged.

We believe in, no fragrance, no silicone, no pesticides, no heavy metals.
Professional team research and development, 100% manufactured in Taiwan.
Traditional and exclusive traditional Chinese veterinary herbal formula + modern special low-temperature extraction technology = create a safe, low-allergic, high-quality product.
For home bathing, bathing, conditioning, and repairing, pure plant extracts are the first choice.

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