Comfort Zone Body Active Shower Scrub


Body Active Shower Scrub
Energising Foaming Scrub

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Energising foaming gel body scrub with natural exfoliating particles of Black Rice, Green Tea leaves and Matcha Tea. Exfoliates and gently cleanses the skin. The natural aroma has an energising action ideal after the workout. Promotes an effective and delicate cleansing.


  1. Paraben-free
  2. Free from synthetic perfumes
  3. Alcohol-free
  4. Colourant-free
  5. Fragrance-free
  6. Barrier Texture
  7. Soothing, Protective, Nourishing
  8. Silicone-free

Usage Advice

Before beginning fitness activity, apply a thin layer of gel and massage the critical areas prone to fatty deposits: the stomach, the buttocks, the knee area.

Apply once a day. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult your doctor before use.


STEP 1: ROLL-ON BOOSTER to be used on critical areas, before and during physical activity

STEP 2: SHOWER SCRUB to use in the shower, after physical activity

STEP 3: CREAM to use every day after physical activity, after the shower

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone was conceived in Parma, Italy, in 1996 as the skincare division of Davines Group, a company owned by the Bollati Family. Initially a scientific research laboratory and manufacturing site for the development of high-quality skincare formulas, Comfort Zone is now an internationally acclaimed distributor of professional spa and home care treatments.

President of Comfort Zone, Dr Davide Bollati is a pharmacist and cosmetic chemist who believes strongly in the importance of rigour in developing skincare products, because they feed and nourishthe skin. Dr Bollati is committed in his pursuit of excellence and values extensive and constant research.

Eventually, Comfort Zone evolved into a company with its own mission: to promote a holistic, soulful, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with advanced scientifically backed solutions to visibly improve the skin, body and mind.

Now, Comfort Zone collaborates with a team of doctors and scientists so that every skin care solution is the most innovative and effective integrated response to a specific skin need.

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