DogCatStar Fantastic 98% Cat Food


DogCatStar Fantastic 98% Cat Food

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Fantasticcat: 98% fresh meat for your beloved cats

Dogcatstar’s Fantastic 98% is the best food for your furkids. It is 98% fresh meat with no artificial ingredients, no grains, no potatoes, no soy flour, no vitamin K3, no preservatives and no BPA. It is as close to natural food for the cats, without artificial flavourings and free from starch. It is highly recommended by cat nutritionists and vets, as kibbles are dry and not the natural food choice for cats.


No artificial ingredients

Follows AAFRO/NRC guidelines

Grain free

No potatoes and soy flour

No vitamin K3 and preservatives


Promotes healthy immune system for your cat

Usage and Advice

Store in a dry and cool place, away from sunlight. This is 1 meal, best to consume immediately after opening. Otherwise, please store leftovers in a tightly sealed container and keep refrigerated.

Dog Cat Star is a brand that creates gluten-free and animal-based products, 95% clinically proven. Not only do they meet the NRC and AAFCO nutrition standards for puppies and cats, this brand strictly uses natural ingredients as a source of nutrition to lay a healthy foundation for your pets. They have incorporated ultra-high pressure sterilization technology to do extensive testing on all their products, therefore there is no need to worry about parasites and avian influenza viruses, especially in such unpredictable times like this with the COVID-19 situation blaring up.

The source of food ingredients and food safety inspection reports are all open and transparent so that you can feed your pets comfortably without worries.

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