Hot Air Balloon Necklace by GoPurpose


Hot Air Balloon Necklace by GoPurpose

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A classy necklace with 6-coloured stones, suitable as a daily wear.

Complete your summer look with this classy necklace, shaped in a hot air balloon. Not only does this meaningful pendant represent opportunities for new adventures, it also signifies freedom, which resonates with our goals of ensuring a sustainable lifestyle while empowering the underprivileged and creating opportunities for all. By purchasing this piece which is individually hand-crafted from the local markets of Yunnan Province, China, made by a community of women who were facing layoffs, you are creating an impact in the following areas: Community, Employment, Leadership Building, & Market Access.






Beautiful adornment to complement any outfit

Daun, charm and attract men with its sparkly features

Also serves as the perfect Valentine gift for your lady

Usage and Advice

Avoid coming into contact with water.

In early 2017, GoPurpose’s founder Serena led the company on a new journey of driving social impact based on the United Nation 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). The company became a member of the UNSDG Network with our primary focuses on SDG 3 (Health), SDG 4 (Educate our Business Partners and Consumers), SDG 13 (Support of Climate Change Solutions), SDG 8 (Providing Decent And Sustainable Economic Growth in Health and Lifestyle Supply Chain For Businesses and Credibility), SDG 10 (Reduction of Inequality Through Decent Work and Affordable Health Care), SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production With Good Trackable Sourcing Details, Production, Sustainable Packaging and Recycling), and finally the supply chain efforts of partnerships through SDG 17 (Our Global Supply Chain Partnerships Through Business Suppliers, Distributors and Consumers With Awareness).

All the products and produce sold through GoPurpose are not only certified organic, but also strictly free from toxic chemicals and animal cruelty while catering to vegan friendly consumers. GoPurpose visions itself as a pioneer in setting strict compliance and adherence to relevant tests and certifications required for all its products regardless of global boundaries or restrictions. GoPurpose prides itself in delivering top notch standards from product initiation to product delivery. Besides lifestyle products, GoPurpose also has an array of organic lifestyle home care medical devices and products which are not only affordable, but also reliable in terms of usages and readings. Notably, GoPurpose has consciously invested in real time real result health check devices that’s not only easily accessible, operate, but also gives accurate readings of various functionalities in our body. GoPurpose has invested in researching and producing organic diseases and fertility tests for both genders. These products are not only niche in production, but also serve to break orthodox barriers in society and create a positive change among people, aligning back to GoPurpose’s focus with SDG.

In order to drive the UN SDGs in a more impactful and sustainable way, we did a review on the crowdfunding business model and decided to transform the existing model to an E-commerce marketplace to reach out to more beneficiaries as well as endorsers. GoPurpose has invested in creating a strong branded online marketplace for merchants to sell their products after meeting our criteria, extensive vetting and have pledged to support the UN SDGs. Under the stipulated contract, we will deploy our staff periodically to go through the vetting criteria with vendors and collate social impact information for our internal rating.

Beyond this sustainable effort and walking through our suppliers’ output, GoPurpose also takes corporate and environmental responsibility in setting very high yet achievable standards for our vendors. These efforts not only determine that vendors provide adequate jobs to the average worker, but also to the underprivileged which may include but not limited to single mothers, handicapped and intellectually challenged workers, These moral inclusiveness allows such workers an equal opportunity to do their part for the environment and nature as well.

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